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Lawn turfing
Artificial Grass & Lawn Turf: Welcome

Artificial grass & lawn turf installers

Transform your lawn with lawn services from Neat & Tidy Landscapes. Services available within a 50-mile radius of Renfrewshire & Ayrshire.

Create a neat & tidy, vibrant garden

Unhappy with your lawn? Gardens can come with a lot of upkeep and it can be difficult to fit that time into your busy schedule. Here at Neat & Tidy Landscapes we have the perfect, low maintenance, pet friendly solutions with our lawn services.

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Artificial grass

Create the lawn you've always dreamed of without the fuss of looking after it. Artificial grass is the perfect alternative to the real thing, designed to look and feel like real turf, providing a low-maintenance solution that will look its best all year round! 

No matter the size of your garden, our team are here to discuss your requirements and can assist with design. 

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Lawn turf

Here at Neat & Tidy Landscapes we provide complete turfing solutions for all types of surfaces. From topsoil to seeding, our experienced team can ensure your lawn will thrive. We take into consideration factors that can effect the appearance and lifespan of a lawn, from the quality of the soil to exposure to light. Our team use their experience to provide high-standard, lawn laying solutions, ensuring you have a healthy foundation for your lawn to grown and flourish.

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Artificial Grass & Lawn Turf: Services
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Artificial grass & lawn laying across Ayrshire 
Call today on 07543 576350

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